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Paying online just got easier.
Now payments can be made online without logging into our website. Just visit our  Make a Payment page. All you need is the member number and account number to make a secure payment online.

Paying online just got easier -  make a payment without logging in.

Never pay service fees.
There may be apps or other online payment processing services that make payments to Farm Bureau Insurance on your behalf. These services are not affiliated with Farm Bureau Insurance and may charge service fees that Farm Bureau Insurance does not collect or control. We recommend that you always pay on

Only the Membership Owner is authorized to view all of the policies under the membership. The Primary Named Insured and/or spouse of the Primary Named Insured,  if not a membership owner, will be able to view and make limited changes to active auto policies issued by Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company only. All other policies are not accessible for Primary Named Insured and/or spouse of the Primary Named Insured at this time.

Please contact your county Farm Bureau office before creating business online account. Online accounts created with business name are not displayed on this website.